About PivotClear

PivotClear is an innovative real estate investment company with a dynamic approach to property acquisition, rehabilitation, and sales.  Located in Northern Virginia, we operate with an entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to delivering profitable, sustainable investments.  Our methodology is straightforward: we seek out promising leads, secure contracts, refurbish properties, and sell for maximum profitability.  At the heart of our operations is leveraging strategic capital partners to finance acquisitions with attractive returns.

What’s the PivotClear difference?  It’s our by the numbers approach and ability to see beyond a property’s current state and visualize its potential clearly.  Our team of skilled professionals invest in properties not just as they are, but as we see them on the canvas of our imagination.  This transformative approach focuses on turning even the most unassuming properties into attractive real estate investments and revitalized neighborhoods.  Contact us to discover how we can leverage your capital, transform communities, and maximize your returns.  Together we will turn leads into deals one property at a time and pave the way for a prosperous future.

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